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        • 2017-03-28
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        尊敬的happy smile





        患者:李鑒 敬上      

        家長:李全松 敬上   



        A letter of thanks

        Dear Happy Smile:

        Thank you very much for your charitable activities of  Helping Children With Cleft Lip and Palate .Your team travel thousands of miles to our hometown , Xianning, and bring advanced medical equipment and medical elite. You did the repair surgery for many children , and my son is one of them. If it had not been for your kindness and help, my son could not recover so well.  Without your kindness  and  help, maybe the the cleft lip will go with his whole life and give him a negative impact on health, study and work.

         Now your team is going to leave, I am very thankful and I will miss your so much. I know no matter how to express my gratitude ,it is less than one thousandth of your help and supporting . The only thing that keeps me in mind is that I must do my best to teach my son into person as excellent as you are.,as selfless as you are. And I hope he can do what he can to  help other people when he grow up and become a person who  can contribute to society and mankind.

        Again, I would like to express my warm thanks to you, and welcome your team come to XianNing again. I wish you all have a nice trip and may you be free from mishaps all your lives.

        Your sincerely,

        Patient Li Jian and Parent LI Quansong

        March 23, 2017


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